Kombee is quick and convenient way to rent/sell your apartments online. It was a 6 months length project who needed engineering and user interface research. Development : PHP/MySQL HTML5/CSS3 jQuery/jQueryUI Homemade MVC Framework Database Abstraction Layer Search Engine Friendly Dynamic URL Rewrite & Routing Database and Files Encryption Design : Visual Indentity Stationery Design HTML/Graphic Design Features :
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CyVek is dedicated to the advancement of healthcare by empowering researchers and clinicians with a disruptive technology for testing biomarkers and performing multi-analyte immunoassays. Designed by Traina Design and developed by Webmy.me Inc. Development : WordPress jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Design : WordPress Template from PSD
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Principia was founded in 2005 by engineers from Exponent, Inc., their venture is driven by the desire to focus on the fundamental practice of failure analysis and accident reconstruction. Check them out at principia-eng.com Development : WordPress jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Clients Management Database Contact Design : WordPress Template Logo
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Cloakmy (Cloakmy.org) provides a free, non-profit tool to encrypt and share your messages. Privacy is taken very seriously, since it is the main purpose of this website. All stored data is encrypted, and passwords hashed using Bcrypt. We cannot retrieve your password, therefore if it’s lost, the content of the document is lost forever. Once your message is destroyed, we cannot restore it. Messages are physicall
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Douchebag Jar

This application has been made for fun by members of WebMY.me. This is our first mobile oriented Web Application with jQuery Mobile. The advantage is that you will never need to upgrade the application to benefit from the latest updates. The downside is, the application won’t work without internet and can be slow or not responsive depending on your internet speed. The other cool advantage is, you can use this a
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